Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How will you be remembered?

This morning I was sad to hear about the murder of Iowa football coach, Ed Thomas. I'm still in shock of how it happened and my heart goes out to all the family and friends. ESPN posted an article with more details here.

NFL player Aaron Kampman of the Green Bay Packers said this today about his High School Coach: "His legacy for many will be associated with his tremendous success as a football coach. However, I believe his greatest legacy comes not in how many football games he won or lost but in the fact that he was a committed follower of Jesus Christ. He lived his life trying to exemplify this faith and convey those values to those under his influence."

Wow. Could there be any better way to be remembered? I don't think so.

How will you be remembered? and What will your legacy be?


La Brisa Photography said...

wow. hadn't heard what Kampman said. that is just awesome! Hopefully, I'll be remembered in the same way...

thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

Very cool... Thanks for sharing this!

SharinaMarie said...

That gave me the chills.... That is a great way to be remembered :)