Friday, February 27, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust....

In case you haven't heard, Tom Brady married Gisele Bundchen yesterday. My celebrity athlete crush list just keeps getting smaller and smaller....maybe I should add to it.... :)

Tom Brady's Wedding

Monday, February 23, 2009

Absolutely Ridiculous!!!!

In case you missed the end of the 76ers-Nets game, you MUST watch this video. I've never seen anything like this. Ridiculously awesome!

Watch the entire video so you can see how close this ends.

Half Court Shot

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ashley and Bryant - Wedding

Ashley and Bryant were so much fun, along with their families and bridal party!! Ashley's creativity went above and beyond from the gift exchange between her and Bryant to the wedding decorations and candy bar she incorporated into their reception. The two ushers were ridiculously hilarious and the groomsmen were just as crazy! As for the bridesmaids, they were just as much fun! My favorite part of the day was the photo shoot down in Aggieville and Poyntz with the whole bridal party. They not only did what Chris and I asked of them, they decided to go even further! The pictures will speak for themselves!

For more pictures from their wedding, check out La Brisa Photography's Blog.

Thank you Ashley and Bryant for a great day!

A HUGE thanks to Chris for allowing me to tag along again at another wedding!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Love This!

You will want to read this article. It's inspiring and a good reminder about true sportsmanship. Not only what the coach and player did, but also what the teams do after the game. A true example of how sports can teach adults and students life long lessons.

Good Sportsmanship

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

So I decided that since my Valentine's Day turned out nothing like I thought it was going to or even how I planned it, I would share with you my rather eventful day.

After my morning workout (which was awesome!), I was at my apartment doing some cleaning and the doorbell rang. So I opened the door and much to my surprise this is what I seen......

A tall, medium build, dark hair, brown-eyed, younger (mid 20's) looking man.....holding a huge vase with at least 2 dozen dark and light pink roses in one hand and a clip board in the other. I didn't know whether to be taken back by the hot delivery guy or the gorgeous flowers! But that's beside the's how our conversation went....

Hot Delivery Guy: "Hello, Happy Valentine's Day!"
Me (in my sweaty work out clothes, no makeup, and nasty hair): "Thanks! Happy Valentine's Day to you too!"
HDG: "I have a special delivery for you today."
Me: "ummm....yes, I see that...!..."

Now at this point, I have about a million things running through my head, like....I wonder who sent me these?........ My parents? sister?....yeah right......some awesome friends? way....maybe it's my secret admirer?!?!.....prolly of my ex boyfriends? better not be!....O it doesn't matter Sarah, they're flowers and they're for you!!!

HDG: "You seemed surprised?"
Me: "Actually, I am! I wasn't expecting anything today."
HDG: "Well that makes it that much better then!"
Me: "I know! :)"
HDG: "Ok, can I have you sign right here, Caroline?"
Me thinking: (Wait...did he just say Caroline?!?!?!)
Me: " name is Sarah, not Caroline."
HDG: "O.....really?....this is (rattles off my address) isn't it?"
Me: "Yeah, but I'm guessing someone wrote down the wrong address, because I'm pretty sure I'm not getting flowers today."
HDG: "Wow, I am so sorry. This usually doesn't happen."
Me: "Don't worry about it. It's no big deal. I'm sure Caroline will be very happy when she gets them."
HDG: "Well sorry for the confusion. Hope you have a good day."
Me: "Thanks, you too!"

So there is no Cinderella ending, but it sure does make for a great story! :) And of course, only these things happen to me, but that's because God has a great sense of humor and I'm glad he blessed me with a good sense of humor to go along with His. :)

The rest of the day wasn't near as exciting, but I did watch the KSU-KU game (no need for discussion on that topic) and then had dinner and a movie with my great friend, Lori! I even got some great presents from my parents and 2 really great cards in the mail today! The day was definitely way better than I expected and I couldn't have asked for a better Valentine's Day this year. This past week I learned that being single is gift from God and that His plan is way bigger and better than my plan. Even though this week has been rough, I have been blessed with some great friends to help me through it, and I'm so glad Valentine's Day was the ending to a challenging yet wonderful week.

Hope everyone had a blessed Valentine's Day/Week as well!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Group Web Tool Review

This post is for a class project. If you're an Art Teacher then go ahead and read through it. If not, come back soon for an update with some more wedding pictures!! :)

Title: Incredible Art
Topic(s): Art instruction:
Ages: Teachers
Price(s): Free!!
Category: Information

I think that all of us in our group feel that at this point, we all need to work on ideas and information to help us be better teachers and instructors of technology in our classrooms. So I began to feel the need for me to start with web tools to help me on my journey as a teacher before I can concur web tools for students to use. So I convinced ;) my group mates to review this web tool.

Overview: This is a web tool designed for art educators that provides information about lessons, art stuff, resources, jobs, news, and supplies just to name a few. This web tool is also designed to be a communication link between art educators from across the nation. By combining a website with instruction, curriculum, and up to date news, this website can create an active environment within an art classroom for a beginning teacher, or someone who needs a few new ideas. This website also links artists with great sales on art supplies, and new ideas and techniques to use for themselves. I am a firm believer that creativity encourages creativity, so I feel that this site would be useful for all artists or teachers. A general classroom educator who wants to integrate other curriculums in their class could use a lot of the information on this site.

Ten Criteria: The ten criteria we chose were:

1.Motivational-Visual Appealing:

The web site is easily used, and holds a wealth of information and links it is hard to list everything you can do. It becomes more and more exciting when looking through ideas and lesson plans that begin to incorporate history, science, history and more within them. It really encourages the endless possibilities of art and the fun students can have learning about things while creating art!
2. Unbiased/Multicultural:

There is a strong support and encouragement in this website for the respect, understanding, and education of all cultures and their art. It is also important to understand and teach the concept that art is made by all cultures through out time, and is often made for all the same reasons. Art is has always been made for personal expression, as tools, as decoration, and as national expression throughout history. In today’s art education standards, there is push for the cultural understanding and learning through art. This website encourages and helps educators to create a curriculum that covers those issues. It also links educators to other educators who can contribute to classrooms from miles away. This truly is a source that every art instructor should look through and see how many things could work for them!

3. Organization:

The design of this website allows easy movement back and forth, and also has an unbelievable amount of information and links on it, it may take someone a very long time to move through all of it. This fact excites me, because it lets me know that this could be a useful, up to date source.

4. Adaption:

This website allows you to find job listings, art supplies, lesson plans, adaptations for special education students, as well as news and blogs from educators and students alike. This website could create an online curriculum supplement for just about anyone! The links between lesson and their sources are wonderful, and allows the ease of integration with just about any subject!

5. content area effective: instruction matches stated objectives.

As a group we think that this artistic web tool could help teachers in their construction to artistic curriculums it covered almost all the ages from kinder garden till college students, it is so broad and wide in the main core that was offered. There are many online activities for kids, lessons plan for teachers, art media tutorial and other varied activities think it is a very powerful website because it almost everything you could want in art classes.

6. supplemental materials:

We think that this software covers different corners about the method of operation. There are enough materials that could help the students in tutoring this website. They are also many different activities included in the web besides helping the teachers in better dealing with art curriculums.

7. Age appropriate:

However it a web tool in helping teachers working in the art medusa but it is also very helpful for all ages ,example several kids exhibited their own paintings on the sit ,they could share comments ,critics with each other ,it is a very beneficial process.

8. User friendly:

It’s very user friendly. It has easy navigation at the top with organized tabs. It also has a place where you can search either the website or google. It’s designed with the art teacher in mind. It’s colorful and artistic. It’s not a website where you have to click a bunch of times to get to one destination. A couple clicks under marked tabs and you’ve found what you’re looking for!

9. Cost Effective:

I don’t know anything more cost effective than FREE!! It also has advertisements related directly to art and/or teaching on the website for some great other free tools and low cost supply’s and ideas. 10. Educational Value: Even though we focused on finding a website that was directed to help teachers, it’s still very educational to both the student and the teacher. You may want your students to check out the website and see if they can find anything helpful or interesting. Who knows, they may teach you something you didn’t know about the website. There’s a place where you can submit students digital work, which is great for your students. I know my students like to be published in any way and this would be a great easy tool to get them published.

10. Educational Value:

Even though we focused on finding a website that was directed to help teachers, it’s still very educational to both the student and the teacher. You may want your students to check out the website and see if they can find anything helpful or interesting. Who knows, they may teach you something you didn’t know about the website. There’s a place where you can submit students digital work, which is great for your students. I know my students like to be published in any way and this would be a great easy tool to get them published.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Essie Mae

This past weekend I went home for my sister's Senior Basketball Homecoming. She missed school all week due to having pneumonia, but she managed to make it to school for a half day in order to be able to participate in the festivities. Saturday before the dance we did a short little photo shoot in our living room:) I don't think I know anyone else that could rock a zebra print dress and have pneumonia and look this gorgeous. I mean seriously, do you know anyone that could?